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Long Memory Consulting - value from better techniques

Long Memory Consulting


We are a small company that helps other businesses do better with better business techniques.

Do you use all the data that your business generates, to improve your bottom-line?

Are you utilizing the “cloud”? Are your plans for cloud services based on your business plans?

Can you forecast trends by using historical data and accounting for seasonal variations?

Is your management of inventory correct given expected profit and costs of storage?

Every business needs to make decisions based on what will happen in the future. We all have only guesses to guide us, and the better we guess, the better we are prepared to meet that future, and profit from it.

What level of guessing are you and your business using?

It could be systematic, and supported by mathematics and data analysis, or it could be more about hunches and guesses.

Both can work, though there is evidence that systematic ways work better.

We can help you improve your forecasting. Here are sample questions that can have reasonably crisp answers: (if you use the right techniques)

  • If we increase our advertising cost by 15%, how will that affect sales?
  • What would happen to our operation if there was a power interruption for several days?
  • What causes our monthly sales to fluctuate and what can we do to overcome that?

Are you interested in finding out what you can do with just EXCEL and some data preparation? THere are many very economical

Fill in the contact form and we will give you a shout and see if we can be helpful.

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